Mary Jane Foundation

Mary Jane Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that helps support not-for-profit groups and organisations working to advance the health and wellbeing of Australian women and girls.


Dating back thousands of years women’s health has been a mystery, full of myths, misunderstandings and misdiagnoses. It has been through hard-fought advocacy by women over centuries that has left ‘wandering wombs’ and ‘nervous hysteria’ for the history books, and allowed the truth about women’s bodies to be better understood.

Women’s health has come a long way but an ingrained stigma persists. It is no secret that a substantial lack of information and understanding of conditions that exclusively or largely affect women still exists. In addition, limited knowledge of gender differences in disease progression and response to treatment extends well beyond research labs and continues to disadvantage women and girls.

Today’s women’s health advocates know the hard work of their female forebears is far from complete. Mary Jane Foundation aims to support grassroots advocacy groups and organisations to address gender gaps and bias in healthcare.


To support groups and organisations who are advancing the health and wellbeing of Australian women and girls through awareness, education and empowerment.

OUR Focus

To have strong voices at the grassroots of the cause reversing the harm caused by pervasive, yet often unintentional, gender bias surrounding women’s health.

Our Values and Priorities